Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How much do I love my crockpot?

Ok, I am all about my crockpot. Not only does it make my life so much easier but its so economical to use! I decided to test out a meatloaf in my crockpot. now I use my crockpot for everything. But meatloaf? Really I was just being lazy because meatloaf takes forever to cook and I didn't want to worry about it come dinner time. So I took a pound of ground beef, a half cup of panco and a tablespoon of my garlic garlic. Mixed and placed in a tin foil pouch  I made and popped in the crockpot on low for 8 hours.

Was I surprised when my family demolished it. My husband said it was the most moist and tasty meatloaf he had ever eaten. We had no leftovers. Except the mashed potatoes. Which we used in our shepards pie last night.

Whats your favorite crockpot recipe?


  1. I also love my crock pot! I'm a little confused about the tin foil pouch. Do you just wrap it up in tin foil? Do you use lean ground beef so there isn't much fat? I really need to try meatloaf in my crock pot because we really love it. Yum! I sure hope you post a lot more of your crock pot recipes.

  2. I just wrap it in foil, as if I were camping? Does that make sense? Also, I use 80% lean. I like some fat to keep it moist as it slow cooks all day. Its so easy!

  3. I love my crockpot and appreciate it so much more now that I have a baby!