Thursday, April 28, 2011

It was a great day for us at both stores! I am generally not a super double fan, and miss tripples like crazy but it was a good trip and I am thinking of returning next week for one more round :)
We got 3 boxes Kelloggs frosted mini wheats
2 lysol toilet bowl cleaners
3 crystal light drink mixes
2 packs of k cups coffees
1 bag tostitos
1 thing salsa
1 sour cream
1 loaf bread
ketchup (the good kind)
4 ears corn
1 pkg tysons drumsticks
1 carton 18 eggs
2 pk of corn taco shells
1 can refried beans
3 bags of salad
1 carefree liners
2 boxes fishsticks
1 pk taco seasoning
4 packages of kielbasa
4 bars soap
1 pk of English muffins
1 bag pita chips
1 Italian Spice seasoning
1 jar of disney gummy vitamins
2 gallons horizon organic milk
1 bag split peas
1 bottle taco sauce
1 onion
2 pks (4 each) yo baby yogurt
9 pk goldfish
1 pk sunflower seeds
2 boxes Earths best cookies
4 pk shredded cheese
1 bag frozen yeast rolls
2 pk kraft string cheese
10 containers of hummus (dont judge yes we will eat all of these!)
While all of these wont make complete meals, it will go towards meal plans I have!
Grand Total :
Original price before my coupons?


  1. You rock!! Where'd you get all the coupons? We don't get the paper.

  2. Stacy I have two Richmond Times Delivered every Sunday (it was easier than trying to hunt them down every Sunday, they sell out fast at the Lake) and I printed some coupons from different websites.

  3. oh and some coupons came in the mail (earths best etc) and some I got at Kroger a while back on isles Like the tostitos, kraft cheese and such

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  5. I saw this on TV!! I mean extreme couponing and am absolutely amazed!!!

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