Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Tale of the Leaky Sippy Cups

On our journey from bottle to cup, our biggest obstacle to overcome has been the leaky sippy cup.

Our first cup, which I just dug out of the goodwill bag, was the Nubby. Short and squat with the flexible spout with holes. It was hard to use, it leaked and it was very hard to screw the lid off and on. If you didn't get it on just right we had a leaky mess everywhere. they were 6.99 for a pack of two.

Sippy Cup two, pictured with Gavin's name on it, we got from Toys R Us. They are cute, we always know which one belongs to us. They look small but hold about 5 oz of water. The problem with these are the little plastic pieces inside constantly comes loose and we have water everywhere. We still like these and keep them handy for when we are at playgroup etc.

The third one was the advent. I loved the vintage look to these. They are super cute and stylish. I dont like that they leak out the back of the spout. They are pricey which in my mind, I thought for sure would work. I haven't got up the nerve to toss them yet as they are the least of our leaky cups. They were 8.99 for two.

The next one is again a Nubby with a straw this time. These dont leave as much. The problem we have found is after he takes a drink on one of these there is a small amount left in the top of the straw and he ends up spilling it all over himself and his car seat if we are driving around. It has taken a while to get the rotten smell of milk out of his straps. These were about 3.99 each.

My last one is the cheap pack of learning curve sipping cups. I got two of them at Marshalls for 4.99 for the pair.  They are by far our favorite. They never leak. They are cute and of course Gavin loves that they have elmo and cookie monster on them. The only downside to these is that you do have to suck just a little harder to get the water out but Gavin doesnt seem to mind.

****The review of these cups is solely my opinion, I was not asked by any of these companies to review these products and I was not given a cup to review. *****


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  3. Hi! Congrats on finding a sippy that doesn't leak! I've never seemed to find one that wouldn't when put through the torture my children inflict on everything they touch! lol Anyway, stopping by to follow from Bloggy Moms :-)


  4. Nice review! Sippy cups are apparently still the same. : ) My kids are 11, 13 and 15 now. I still have a sippy cup stashed away - special memories, sigh.
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  5. This is great! Now I know which one works when we're ready for them!

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  8. Hi Angela, thanks for finding my blog! Great post, I don't even want to think about how much money we have spent on sippy cups. Last year I made the best purchase. Now, mind you this is going to sound ridiculously expensive, but over time it has saved us a bundle. I bought each kid a camelback cup, they run about 18.00 each. But they are amazing. Never leak, so portable, and way cool. Also, with making a big purchase everyone takes care of them. We keep them lined up on the counter and we make sure they don't get taken somewhere where they could get lost. Such a great purchase for us. We are going on one year, I can't wait to see how long they will last us!!! Happy to find your blog!

  9. How funny is that! We keep saying we are going to get the little guy a camelback! We all have one except him. He loves to drink our of ours, my biggest concern (call me a paranoid mom because I am) is that he will pull the blue part you bite on off and chock on it? But we are still thinking about getting him one for when we are supervising him. Between the sippy cups and the pacifiers this past year I know we spent upwards of 200$ but the pacifiers was because the dog kept eating them!

  10. Hi Angela, thanks for stopping by my blog! Ah, sippy cups, I could open a store with the amount of cups I bought! Right now, the little one is using one from Mothercare (a UK brand), with a straw and it's perfect! For now. Until he destroys it haha! And gorgeous stuff at your Etsy store!

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