Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Jan 11th

So not to many ways to be frugal today. We are staying home due to the "snow" we don't have. I put dinner in the Crockpot. We are having shredded beef tacos for dinner tonight.  This meal cost us less than 10$. We bought:
Taco Shells  $0.79 (this weeks Harris Teeter Super Double Deal)
Bottom Round $5.73 (could have gotten a better deal but didn't want to drive into town)
1 8oz can jalapeño tomatoes (we pureed) $0.29
Shredded Cheese  $1.29 (again Harris Teeter deal)
We also bought lettuce,tomatoes and sour cream to put on top (which will also be used for a few nights as part of a salad) $1.77


My goal for my family in 2011 is to waste less. It drives me crazy to throw away food in this house. Its putting money in the trash. So with my family's help we are going to waste less, buy less.

Update with photo:
I also whipped up this black bean salad with just stuff hanging around in the fridge. Ok the photo doesn't look as yummy as it was haha.

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